Chairman’s Message

Spring 2021

Dear Chamber Members,

I am so proud of the community in which we live and the leadership that continues to navigate our way through the pandemic. 2020 offered extraordinary circumstances, which we could not have anticipated, yet we have made it through the year and have an excellent platform on which to build 2021.

As I consider the challenges, we faced in 2020, I am reminded of the saying, "We are strengthened in struggle and weakened in ease." The struggle of 2020 has created the opportunity for our community to strengthen already solid relationships between our chamber, local industry, local government and our educational centers, which will allow us to emerge stronger and better prepared for the future.

Community leadership, including our chamber, has always been proactive in its intent to work through struggles that arise. We have seen and continue to experience cooperation between our community organizations, working together through each situation, for the betterment of the citizens. Chamber President Marshall Ramsey often receives requests from other communities that want to know how we do what we do. I attribute our successes to the leadership, past and present, who were willing to embrace the struggle and become stronger. As such, I have designated our 2021 theme to be, "Embrace the struggle and emerge stronger."

We enter 2021 with positive momentum and upcoming new investments in industry, hospitality, and education. Vaccines are being administered and improvements are beginning to be witnessed. We will continue proactively, in a safe and responsible way, toward life before COVID. I look forward to the upcoming year and the many successes we will celebrate together.


Steven D. Amos

Chairman of the Board