Our Mission

The Mission of the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce is to create, nurture, and expand diverse economic growth, and be an advocate for business in Hamblen County and the Lakeway region.

Since 1911, The Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of the business community in the Morristown area. Beginning as the Board of Trade, the Chamber has always sought to improve the economic well-being of the area. To accomplish this goal the chamber knows a community needs:


  • Jobs for citizens
  • New and expanding industry
  • A healthy retail and service sector
  • State-of-the-art medical facilities
  • Educational opportunities and good schools
  • Good roads
  • Cultural and recreational activities
  • A clean environment
  • A civic-minded population

The Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization.  We have a membership base of over 700 businesses from the local and regional economy.  Those businesses invest in the Chamber to be an advocate for the business sector.

Timeline and History of the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce

1911 The Morristown Board of Trade was formed.  W. B. Whittaker was President.
1913 The Morristown Board of Trade and the Young Mens’ Commercial Club of Morristown adopted a resolution consolidating the two clubs under the name Board of Trade of Morristown.  Mr. J. N. Fisher was the first elected President.
1920 The Board of Trade officially changed their name to the Morristown Chamber of Commerce.  The President was Mr. Lynn Sheeley
1924 A Charter of Incorporation was issued to the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce
1952 The Chamber hired the first full time manager, Mr. Richard Ordway.
1959 The current building at 825 W. First North St. was constructed and dedicated.
1971 The building underwent an exterior facelift
1971 The title of the Chamber Manager was changed to Executive Vice President
1972 The name of the organization was changed to Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce, Inc. to reflect the Chamber’s service to the surrounding trade area.
1979 The building underwent extensive interior renovation.
1985 The Chamber purchased the Gus Helm property at 814 W. Main St. now known as Commerce House
1988 Maudie Morrison Briggs was elected as the first woman to serve as President of the Board of Directors.
1994 The building underwent another renovation and was expanded to double the size of the facility
2004 The title of Executive Vice President was changed to President & CEO