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Top Ten Reasons To Join

So, why should YOU join the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce?

1. To join our mission

The Chamber’s mission is to create, nurture and expand diverse economic growth, and be an advocate for business in Hamblen County and the Lakeway region.

To what comprehensive mission do you contribute?

2. To save time

It’s true – any chamber membership provides a return on your investment when you commit your time. However, time is at a premium. At the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce with 600+ businesses as members, draw from a wealth of connections.

What alternative association provides that camaraderie and interaction?

3. To get some branding face time

Media feeds your hunger for information, right? That’s why The Chamber includes each member’s information in our print and online directories, reaching out into the immediate business community and beyond. An even better face is optional through sponsorships opportunities.

What credible outlet are you using to brand your business?

4. To get connected with future clients and partners

Every Chamber event is, essentially, a networking event. But, attend one of our monthly events, ribbon cuttings, or special events and realize why connecting our members is one of our strong points.

Where are potential clients and partners connecting without you?

5. To invest in the well-being of our local economy.

The Chamber markets our region all over the world, seeking new industries and jobs to locate to Morristown. Creating jobs means more people needing more products and services, which means a bigger piece of the pie is available for you to share in! The Chamber also markets our area to recreational, historical and cultural tourists, which brings more people into our community and increases money spent in our local economy.

Who is on the lookout for ways to expand our economy?

6. To have an advocacy ally

The Chamber is firmly committed to the region. Local, state and federal representation ensures we are looking out for our business community and our membership.

Who has your support to watch your back?

7. To move small business to the front of the pack and promote Shopping Chamber!

The Chamber’s one-of-a-kind annual Small Business Awards highlights many of our wonderful small business members, which happens to be a Chamber sweet spot. Through the Chamber’s “Shop Chamber” campaign, we encourage people to think before they shop and consider shopping first and foremost with you!

As a small business or entrepreneur, where do you turn for guidance and leadership?

8. To gain instant credibility

You have a stellar business that contributes to this great community. As a Chamber member, increase your public presence as a credible organization.

What affiliation validates your business to your future clients?

9. For options to choose your focus

Maybe you’re an extrovert that loves to network. Maybe government affairs is your passion. How about opportunities to expand your knowledge and learn more about business? Maybe you want to take part in one of our many volunteer opportunities through our active committees?

With numerous opportunities each year, what other association can provide such an array of options?

10. To gain a staff-by-association

The Chamber’s staff is here for our members. Staff members have a passion for Morristown and Hamblen County, the Lakeway region, business and our membership. We help our members in ways such as connecting with other businesses, providing useful opportunities to grow, and helping determine what committee might be fitting for your business needs. Bottom line is we’re here for you!

What membership provides this level of commitment?

What are you waiting for? Make that step and join us today.