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From the President’s Desk (June 2024)

“Taking Advantage of Your Chamber Opportunities”

presidents desk

Now that summer is upon us, recreation is at the top of all of our minds. In the minds of business should be “how do we capitalize on this market.” You may see many chamber events and think “how does this help my business?” so I’ll explain.

Our golf tournament is a prime example. Yes, the golf tournament raises funds for our chamber, but is an opportunity for you to be there, sponsor a hole, set up a table and tent, offer giveaways and pitch your business to over 100 business leaders in the region. It is easy to write a check and get your name on a banner, but it is so much more impactful if you take that extra step and shake those hands in person. What better way to spend a day than outside with people who are also happy to be outside and out of the office for a day!

Other chamber events like the business showcase offer similar opportunities. Yes, you are supporting the chamber financially, but you are provided an in person platform to make an immediate measurable impact on potential customers. It is so easy to throw up a Facebook ad but how do you really gauge success? Yeah, you can count likes and shares but what does that mean to your bottom line. To me, it is quite simple—marketing creates awareness, in person sales creates revenue. Those can go hand in hand, but one without the other is rarely worth the time or money.